Pepper Lamb Comedy

My Story

Establish November 2012

In the late summer of 2012 Pepper's love for football, and trash talk, steered him to launched the YouTube channel "Evil Genius Network". "Pepper's Pick's was a fun way to keep up with weekly games and fantasy football. This eventually lead to writing and acting out different comedy sketches. He was then asked to do a speaking engagement based on his humor. In preparation for said engagement, Pepper wandered into an open mic, and was bitten by a radioactive comedy spider. The rest is history!

Powerfull Entertainment Inc.

In 2017 after a couple of successful powerlifting competitions, Pepper decided to mix his love of lifting weights, with his love of comedy. Thus Powerfull Entertainment Inc was born. In 2020 as well as continuing to produce great comedy shows, PE will produce a line of workout products, as well as host shows, and entertainment at various fitness competitions.